Featured Wisconsin Farms

We're proud to feature these fantastic Wisconsin farms on the show!

Northwoods Poultry

Website: www.northwoodspoultry.com

If you’re looking to add some diversity to your coop here’s your chance. Never have I ever seen such beautiful birds! Nestled out in the forest of Florence, WI is Northwoods Poultry. A family run farm specializing in selling day old chicks. The Folks at Northwoods Poultry test regularly for disease so they can make sure all the chicks they send out our nice and healthy.

Little Foot Farm

Alton, Minnesota
Website: www.littlefootfarm.com

Little Foot Farm is home to the cutest Gloucestershire Old Spot Pigs. They are an old English breed known for being docile, smart, and loaded with lots of lard that makes the pork taste amazing.

High Voltage Farm

Cassville, Wisconsin
Website: www.highvoltagefarms.com

Jim & Deanna Morris raise Lowline Angus cattle on their farm in Cassville, Wisconsin. The cattle are smaller than most beef cows we are familiar with. The animals were bred to have a smaller frame and look similar in size to a year old Beef animal. They sell beef right off the farm. Folks like that the cuts of beef are a bit smaller than what we are used to.

Ecker’s Apple Farm

Trempealeau, Wisconsin
Website: www.eckersapplefarm.com

Ecker’s Apple Farm is a family owned and operated business in Trempealeau, Wisconsin. Every year their apple crop is grown using integrated pest management, reduced risk chemistries, and crop ecology techniques, thus with conscious thought to people and the environment. Visit the farm, pick your own apples, stop in to the retail store for locally produced specialty foods, gourmet caramel, andtheir famous caramel apple pies. Ecker’s also features a John Deere train, the Honeycrisp Express, an apiary, observational bee hive, morel mushrooms in the spring, blueberries in the summer, and Wisconsin peaches in the fall. Home to Hog’s Back Brew Farm, Ecker’s is now a must-stop craft beer destination open on weekends June through October.

Tamerack Garlic Farm

Trempealeau County, Wisconsin
Website: www.tamarackgarlicfarm.com

Tamerack Garlic Farm is run by friends Dan and Jason. When they’re not busy teaching high school the two collaborate on growing garlic for seed and eating. Dan and Jason can help you find the right variety of garlic to fit your planning needs and will answer any questions you may have. They seem eager to share their knowledge of farming and tips and trick on planting and harvesting the Stinking Rose.

Berge’s Beef

Colfax, Wisconsin
Website: www.bergesbeef.com

It’s hard not to fall in love with the beautiful Scottish Highlander’s at Berge’s Beef. This breed of beef cow is known to do well on grass, and that’s exactly what Chad and Holly Berge are setting out to do on their small family farm in Colfax, WI. The couple is working hard to improve the pastures on the farm through intensive grazing and planting cover crops which will had nutrients to the soil.

Bifrost Farm

Boyceville, Wisconsin
Web: bifrostfarms.com

Bifrost farm is located near Boyceville, Wi. Meg milks a herd of mini Nubian dairy goats. Their high butterfat milk is perfect for making artisan cheeses, soap, lotions, and Cajeta, a decedent goats milk caramel.

Tavis’s Wild and Exotic Mushrooms

Cumberland, Wisconsin
Web: Facebook

Just outside of Cumberland, WI is a magical forest filled with exotic mushrooms. Stop in for a visit and collect fresh mushrooms or find them at Country Lane Pantry and Market in Barron, WI and at the Cumberland Farmers Market.

Philadelphia Community Farm

Osceola, Wisconsin
Web: buttermilkcsa.com

A biodynamic community supported agriculture farm with classes and retreats, near Osceola, WI.

Rush River Produce

Maiden Rock, Wisconsin
Web: rushriverproduce.com

Rush River Produce is a family operation, run by Terry and John Cuddy with the great assistance of our college kids Joe and Lucas. Please bring your family to meet ours. We work hard to provide you a delicious fruit crop with the help of Mother Nature.

Hilltop Community Farm

La Valle, Wisconsin
Specialties: CSA, forest gardening, fruit, education
Website: HilltopCommunityFarm.org

Farmers Erin Schneider and Rob McClure co-own and steward Hilltop Community Farm, a small-scale diverse CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) operation in La Valle WI, where they specialize in agroforestry and unique varieties of Midwest fruits–utilizing forest gardening as a technique to plant their young orchard. They are currently engaged in researching market options for currants and other unusual fruits with potential such as saskatoon, elderberry and honeyberry. Additionally, their farm hosts workshops on topics from compost and canning to forest garden design and long term are working toward farm stay opportunities alongside more fruit production.

Their community extends beyond the farm gate as Erin and Rob are members of FRESH Food Connection, Wisconsin Farmers Union and the Organic Tree Fruit Association. Erin also serves on the Women in Agriculture Committee with the World Farmer’s Organization and they have hosted/participated in farmer to farmer delegations in Senegal, Nicaragua, Zambia and on their farm in Wisconsin.

If you’re interested in learning more about their farm’s products and services including signing up for the 2014 CSA season, fruit offerings, and events visit their website (hilltopcommunityfarm.org), email e.schneider.hilltopfarm@gmail.com, and become a fan of their farm on Facebook.

turnip2Turnip Rock Farm

Clear Lake, Wisconsin
Specialties: CSA, cheese
Website: turniprock.com

The farmers at Turnip Rock Farm are striving to create a whole farm ecosystem with a balance of annual vegetables, natural habitat, grasses, and trees with animals integrated into the fold. They aim to create something lasting and to live by the tenant that the land does not belong to us, but that we belong to the land. They would love to be your farmers!


image2 (1)Hillside Pastures

Spring Green, Wisconsin
Specialties: Red Devon cattle and grass-fed beef
Website: hillsidepastures.com

Hillside Pastures is a family-owned farm in the Driftless area of SW Wisconsin. Our Red Devon cattle graze hillsides in the Lowery Creek watershed, just south Spring Green, the Wisconsin River, and Taliesin. Their goal is to continue to build a sustainable and diverse grass farm capable of producing high quality Red Devon cattle and grass-fed beef. Their mission is to bring alive and encourage a meaningful farm experience that includes our family and grandchildren, that we can share with friends and neighbors, and that contributes to the greater community.

image1 (3)Fazenda Boa Terra

Spring Green, Wisconsin
Specialties: Certified Organic produce
Website: fazendaboaterra.com

“At Fazenda Boa Terra we are working hard to bring you some of the finest organically grown produce in the Madison area. We are an agronomist and an environmental scientist with years of farming experience at the forefront of sustainable farming practices. This means that our Certified Organic produce is grown in a way that blends the latest technologies and methods along with the tried and true: Preserving the integrity of our farmland and its wild places while being efficient enough to make it affordable to those that thought they could never enjoy organic food because of its price.” – Fazenda Boa Terra


bullBullfrog Fish Farm

Menomonie, Wisconsin
Specialties: Rainbow trout and recreation
Website: eatmyfish.com

“We are farmers, processors, mongers and whatever else it takes. We have become proficient in the production, processing and marketing of Rainbow Trout at the rate of ~14,000 lbs. per year and growing. Serving the folks of the Chippewa Valley Area and our visiting friends with the ultimate in fresh water fish and fun-for-all recreation.” – The Bullfrog Fish Farm Crew


image1 (2)Wisco Pop Soda

Viroqua, Wisconsin
Specialties: Artisan soda pop
Website: wiscopopsoda.com

“In 2003, Austin set aside his artisan beer obsession and began experimenting with other craft beverages. Starting with small-batch ginger beers and fermented fruit bubblies, demand from friends and family began to outpace his hobby-level production. Austin’s wife, Hallie, suggested using honey to sweeten his ginger brew. Wisely, Austin obliged as he always listens to his beauty. After perfecting their craft brewed soda recipes, Hallie and Austin decided to take the plunge and combine their love of soda with their deep respect for the local food movement and launched Wisco Pop in July of 2012! They worked along side Zac’s seed-to-plate Homegrown Pizza cart for a number of events, and while we won’t say it was love at first sight…it was damn close. Zac’s organizational skills and knowledge of plants and agriculture make the three a perfect match to bring craft brewed soda to Sconnie and beyond.”

image1St. Isidore’s Mead

Osseo, Wisconsin
Specialties: cave-aged cheddar cheese
Facebook: Facebook.com/stisidorescheese

In the spring and early summer, Inga Witscher and her father Rick make small batches of their bandaged cave-aged cheese from the milk of their certified organic Jersey cows. Their 15 cows graze on a diverse variety of grasses, forbes, and wild herbs. The cows are moved to fresh pasture every 12 hours.

Each wheel of cheese is tagged with the date it was made, the name of the cows, what pasture the cows were grazing in, and in what weather.

St. Isidore’s Cheddar is available at Fromagination in Madison and Cento Restaurant in Madison (CentoMadison.com)

image2Boerson Farm

Princeton, Wisconsin
Specialties: vegetables, fruit, pastured pork, grass fed beef, eggs, and grains
Website: boersonfarm.com

Mat & Danielle Boerson with the help of their two young sons run a beautiful farm. Whether you’re looking to sign up for a CSA or find pasture raised meats, this is the place to find it! Although they are Certified Organic, the Boersons take sustainability one step further by using a team of draft houses to help them in the field. Phone: 920-295-8771

image2 (1)Copper Kettle Farm

Colgate, Wisconsin
Specialties: fresh garlic, garlic powder
Website: copperkfarm.com

The delicious smell of garlic curing surrounds the farm in late summer. A number of different garlic varieties hang out behind the house on an old shed. To see that many bulbs in one place is almost overwhelming.

Cathy & Greg Kosmeder open up their home once a year for their annual garlic sale. Get there early before they sell out! Phone: 262-538-1189


image1Home for a Hen

Fall Creek, Wisconsin
Specialties: hens
Website: homeforahen.com

Always wanted to have a few chickens but not ready to make the commitment? Try renting a few from Kristina Beuning and Whitney Coleman at Home for a Hen. $250 for 2 1/2 months or $375 for 5 months. Price includes coop, chicken feed, and of course fresh eggs. Folks can expect to collect up to a dozen eggs per week. Phone: 715-379-7284


image1 (1)Bull Brook Keep

Clear Lake, Wisconsin
Specialties: grass fed beef
Website: bullbrookkeep.com

Grass fed beef done right by Sylvia Burgos Toftness & David Toftness. Bronx native Sylvia moved to the countryside of Wisconsin to start a grass fed beef farm. She and her husband David chose a breed of beef called BueLingo, a breed that was developed for the Midwest.

Sylvia is also host Deep Roots Radio and an amazing bread baker! She even teaches classes on her farm. Check out their website for dates.

Grass fed beef is available for order online.

image2Keppers Pottery and Produce

Turtle Lake, Wisconsin
Specialties: pottery, vegetables, free range eggs, and pastured pork

Drive down the winding driveway and you’ll enter the pottery paradise of Judith and Kenneth Keppers. Kenneth stacks up bowls, plates and other pottery right outside for all to see.

Take the path past the art studio and you’ll find a garden oasis. Judith and Kenneth grow a variety of organic vegetables and offer a year round CSA. Make sure to sign up early or just stop by the farm for fresh vegetables, free range eggs, and pastured pork. Phone: 715-986-4322


image1 (2)The Cider Farm

Mineral Point, Wisconsin
Website: theciderfarm.com

Deirdre and John are the farmers behind this amazing Apple Brandy. They use French and British apple varieties, and turn tart apples into delicious ciders and Brandy’s.

Pre ordering is a MUST! Go to their web page now to order a bottle (or two) for this fall. Phone: 608-219-4279



Driftless Organics

Soldiers Grove, Wisconsin
Specialties: CSA, organic vegetables, organic grass-fed beef,
organic sunflower oil
Website: DriftlessOrganics.com

Growing up working their parents’ organic dairy farm, Josh and Noah Engel have farming in their blood. At the ages of nine and eleven, they decided to grow some potatoes in their parents’ backyard. It didn’t take long for them to realize – as they pulled great bushel loads of spuds from the earth – that their passion and talents lie in growing organic vegetables.

As they themselves grew, so did their ambition and the number of crops they raised and sold. What began as a quarter acre field of potatoes has now expanded to over one hundred acres of vegetables, fruits, small grains and sunflowers; all grown in the driftless region of local Southwest Wisconsin.

In 2006, Mike Lind joined Josh and Noah and with him he brought not only a similar passion for growing great vegetables, but also a desire to add grass fed cattle to the operation.

With the help of a dedicated crew, Josh, Noah and Mike work tirelessly to sustainably grow some of the best organic food around.

Hidden Springs Creamery

Westby, Wisconsin
Specialties: Award winning sheep milk cheeses
Website: HiddenSpringsCreamery.com

Hidden Springs Creamery is a sheep dairy located in Westby, Wisconsin. Owners  Brenda Jensen and her husband Dean milk over 200 sheep and make award winning cheeses from the milk. While Brenda works mostly with the sheep, Dean feeds hay and mows pastures with his team of Percheron horses. The farm is also home to the Couples bed and breakfast. To find out more about Hidden Springs Creamery and to order cheese visit their website.


Buvula Farms

Pepin, Wisconsin
Specialties: Organic eggs, organic chicken, netting cart
Website: BuvalaFarm.com

Matt Buvala says, “I grew up on a dairy farm in Northern Wisconsin. After graduating from high school and then technical school, I worked in the construction trades for a time before joining the US Navy and making a career of it . After retiring from the Navy, I made my way back to Wisconsin and soon discovered that some of the “farm boy” was still in me. So this ‘farm boy’ started raising free-range chickens. My first flock was small but gradually grew to where I am now with about 275 laying hens. I am fortunate that the chickens and eggs are in demand from businesses throughout the area. As the flock grew, so did the time required to maintain the flock. I figured there had to be a better way to a gather up and move the electric fence netting. So over the course of about three years and many prototypes I came up with this fence cart. It’s a simple easy to use cart and a real time and energy saver to boot.”


Deutsch Family Farm

Osseo, Wisconsin
Specialties: Pasture raised pork (Certified Humane)
Website: DeutschFamilyFarm.com

The Deutsch Family Farm is located east of Osseo, Wisconsin.  Jim and Alison purchased the farm in the Spring of  2010.  Also along for the journey are their two little kids, Lou and Lily as well as all of their naturally raised hogs.  They have been raising hogs outside in deep bedded pens and on pasture since 2006.  Their farm is 160 acres and is now all certified organic.  Their hogs are certified humane by the Animal Welfare Institute. You can look at their standards for humanely raising farm animals at animalwelfareapproved.org.

The Deutsch Family also raises pasture raised chicken and organic squash, hay, corn and wheat.

You can find their pork at Just Local Food in Eau Claire, The Menomonie Market in Menomonie, The People’s Food Co-op in La Crosse, and The Trempealeau Hotel in Trempealeau Wisconsin. You can also find Alison at the Eau Claire Farmers Market in Downtown Eau Claire. Stop by their farm store to purchase pork by the whole half or quarter hog.  You can reach them by phone at 715-597-1815. They’re also on Facebook!

Wheatfield Hill Organics

Durand, Wisconsin
Specialties: Organic vegetables, melons, and organic grass-fed beef

Jay Oldendorf, Whitehall Veterinary Service

Whitehall, Wiscosnin
WhitehallVeterinary.com, MidwestGrape.com

Rolling Meadows Sorghum Mill

Elkhart Lake, Wiscosnin
(920) 876-2182


Honey Hill Apiary

Maiden Rock, Wisconsin
Specialties: Honey and buckwheat flour

S&S Grain

Arcadia, Wisconsin
Specialties: Certified organic animal feed 


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